2010 «Guitar sonata – a twisted core» WIP

2010  “A Tale of Harvest”, music and sound for the shortfilm

2009  «A Capite ad calcem», kunstinstallasjon del 1.

2008  «Varmere dager», Music for documentary film by Øystein Andresen

2007 “Mio Figlio” for small orchestra

2007  “Sonnettes pour les enfants” electroacoustic

2007 “My Father, the Sea” Soundartwork

2006  ”The Colour of Panic” Music for the play by Nicholas Hope

2005  ”Prologue” Sound art/radioplay in 5.1 ( Submarine project)

2005  “Nightshine” electroacoustic

2004   ”Ubehag”,  for elektroakustikk og stemmer.

2003   ”Liten suite for orkester”,  for mindre orkester

2003   ”Voices”, elektronica

2002   ”The Tyger”, sanger for mannskor med tekst av W. Blake

2000   ”TangoX” music for the short film “tre tette” by Eva Sørhaug

1997   “The chokolate factory” commissioned by Kongeparken, Stavanger

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