Organa Sensuum at Gallery Ramfjord, Oslo

The interactive sound-art exhibition “Organ Sensuum” had it’s premiere at Gallery Ramfjord October the 8th 2011. The target of this work is to examine the artistic potential and relation between the human anatomy (the heart), mathematics and musical impulse. Pulse and velocity from the heart is derived by two separate analyses to create control data input to a meticulously programmed control system that engages four groups of instruments. These instruments have been designed according to the four groups: I Digestorium, II Respiratorium, III Cardiovasculare, IV Nervosum, all of them representing a different sonic expression.

With a stethoscope the audience can send their heartbeat through the system and thus create a unique “on-site” composition.

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Museé Reattu in Arles, France

“My Father, the Sea” (Menzel/Moen) will soon be presented on a permanent basis at Museé Reattu in Arles, France. Both as an in-space monitor installation and online the internet. The work has slowly gained recognition after a rather controversial release in 2007, where one of the two commissioners, NRK, refused to broadcast the work.  The work was later broadcasted by NRK in 2009.

Musée Réattu – Arles – Site Officiel du Musée Réattu